Passport & Visa FAQ

1.What is a visa invitation or confirmation?

A visa is an authority issued by the Embassy/Consulate of a country that permits a traveler to visit that particular country. The majority of visas are stamped inside your passport. (A small number of visas are either separate documents to be carried with the passport or issued electronically.) Visas are issued with specific limitations regarding purpose of visit, length of stay, validity of visa, etca�? It is the traveler's responsibility to obtain necessary visas for their travel itinerary.

2. How do I obtain a visa?

The Embassies and Consulates of various countries are authorized to grant visas. Appropriate visa documentation must be presented to the Embassy/Consulate in proper order for the visa to be issued. obtains visas on travelers' behalf by submitting proper visa documentation to the Embassy/Consulate. This eliminates the need for the traveler to visit, communicate and correspond directly with the Embassy/Consulate.

3. Do I need to send my actual passport?

Yes, for the majority of countries, a visa is stamped on a visa page inside your passport.

4. What is a visa invitation or confirmation?

Visa requirements listed on this website pertain to U.S. passport holders only. Please Contact Us for current, specific requirements for non-US passport holders.

5. How long will it take to process my visa?

Various governments have strict and varied regulations on length of visa processing time. Please view the Visa Services section and select your country of travel to determine visa processing time.

6. What is a visa invitation or confirmation?

Visa invitations /confirmations are documents approved by the Foreign Ministry of the country of travel which authorize a particular traveler to visit their country. Most often, they indicate specific information regarding the itinerary (dates of stay, name of hosting organization, cities of visit) as well as an official reference number and seal of approval. Required formats for invitations and confirmations vary per country.

7. Can I fax my passport copy and/or completed applications for issuance of a visa?

For the majority of countries, physical visa documentation that is unable to be faxed is required (i.e. actual passport, passport-type photographs).